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Daphne Ross. A princess trapped in a tower. After 19 years, a prince finally came to save her. And they are now living their "happily-ever-after" in Southern Leyte, Philippines. More information about me? Click this.

This blog contains the daily musing of an introvert lass who simply likes to blurt out and take pictures of interesting things, randomly give hugs, google on the latest fashion trends, score vintage and timeless bargains, and write about anything fascinating.

This blog is open for collaborations, sponsorship, promotions , features and more. Just send me a private message.
Sino gusto ng kaibigan o kausap? I can be your friend. :"> Huwag kayo mahiya kausapin ako. Di uso FC dito! **panda hug**

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Most one-liners are not mine. Images used for the freebies are retrieved from Google. Credits to the rightful owners. If ever I have used any of your work without indicating your name, please contact me right away so I can give credit what is respectfully yours. Thank you for understanding. Good day.

Bakit? Kasi minsan sa Tumblr lang talaga natin nalalabas yung mga bagay na hindi natin masabi sa iba. Alam din natin kase na si Tumblr, kahit anong sabihin mo sa kanya, hindi ka niya huhusgahan. Tsaka dito marami kang karamay. Hindi ka mag-isa dito.

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